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Our identity

Magic LEMP is a talent pool of PhDs and researchers specialized in artificial intelligence. It embodies the unique combination between scientific expertise, technical and teaching skills.It bears the promise of a reliable, efficient, trustworthy AI solutions.And most of all, it is commited to create tailored solutions for you.

Whether we like it or not, artificial intelligence is becoming a game changer for our industries. This evolution brings great technological and social challenges. In particular, it is of utmost importance to restore trust around AI. At Magic LEMP, our team and our actions are built around this endeavor. Our rational, demystified, science-based approach of AI gives us a valuable asset to build explainable and trustworthy AI.

We offer a scientific, technical, learning and strategic support that is highly flexible and customized. Our services take a number of forms: an AI diagnosis, in order to quickly identify how to boost your processes with AI, specific skills trainings for your staff, a flash consulting mission on your company strategy to solve a definite problem, long-term support on research and development, and so on. We adapt as much as possible to your needs.