IA Diagnosis

Your company is not ill, but a diagnosis would not hurt!

An AI diagnosis, what for?

  • Assess the resources of your company (technical skills, available data...)
  • Identify untapped potentials of your company
  • Tailor a strategy to boost your productivity

What is AI again?

AI = artificial intelligence. It is neither magic, nor robots invasion! It is a technology that aims at extracting relevant information from large data sets (images, videos, texts, tables) and exploit them to automate some recognition or classification tasks, etc.

AI diagnosis, for whom?

For any company, regardless of its size, its sector, its ambitions.

But who are you?

We are a team of scientific PhDs, specialized in research, development and training in artificial intelligence and related company strategy

How will this AI diagnosis go?

We will take one or two days to get to know your company and your specific challenges by talking with your teams. We will also assess all the data you possess and which want to add value to**.

*until 30/06/2021. **complying with GDPR.

What could AI bring to my company?

Regardless of your activity sector, you necessarily collect some data, and it would be a shame not to exploit them! We can help you add some value to them and turn them into a competitive asset for your company. Some of your internal processes would also benefit from automatization. We have a strong experience in scientific and strategic support towards very different sectors (legal, musical, insurance, defense, health, intellectual property...).

If AI enters our processes, will be it at the expense of our manpower?

Our approach does not aim at replacing a human being by an algorithm, but at successfully bringing together the specific skills of your manpower and the great ability of AI to automate processes.

Train your teams to data science, with a focus on your core business

Provide you with a technical R&D support, be it at short, medium or long term, through a tailored consulting mission

Assist you to recruit a PhD profile, trained by us in data science

Ask for your AI diagnosis