The project Magic LEMP

Magic LEMP, practical solutions based on Artificial Intelligence embracing the challenges of every professional sectors.

Once upon a time Magic LEMP...

The four founders are alumni from Ecole Normale Supérieure with physics and computer science backgrounds. Three of them hold a PhD degree in physics.

They combine their academic skills with computing and numerical simulation abilities, as well as cutting-edge research in deep learning. They gathered a team of scientists from various backgrounds, such as theoretical and experimental physics or computer science.

Magic LEMP arose from an ambition: building obvious and efficient bridges between the world of academic research and the society.

This singular identity is closely related to the DNA of the solutions designed by Magic LEMP.

Magic LEMP's project: gather complementary skills

Magic LEMP now involves 14 collaborators who manage, through each project, to combine innovation and transdisciplinarity to create successful solutions.

Magic LEMP relies on this synergy of expertises, together with the high ability of the team to learn and adapt, to build customized practical answers to complex problematics. For its clients, according to their needs, Magic LEMP can deploy a trustworthy and explainable Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence as an infinite source of possible evolutions and transformations of your environment

Artificial Intelligence is not limited to high tech sectors. It should now be considered by each activity sector as a real possibility.

Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence is a precious key in a large spectrum of fields but also with sensitive data. It can process all types of data (images, videos, natural text, tabular data, time series) and relies on the explicability of its algorithms.

Magic LEMP, thanks to its three core businesses:

supports on a daily basis professionals from

This unique way to build each collaboration in a given sector, going from

materialize in tailored technological answers that evolve to constantly match the clients' needs.

Magic LEMP, with its steadily enlarging team, is committed to provide a state-of-the-art research at the interface between several scientific areas, always serving society.

It becomes clearer and clearer for each business sector that Artificial Intelligence is a natural technological outlook.