Our team

Raphaël-David LASSERI

President and founder of Magic LEMP

PhD in nuclear physics.

Former student of Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris-Saclay.

Researcher at CEA and entrepreneur.

What Raphaël-David can do for you...

You need to invite Artificial Intelligence into your professional processes? He is your man to make Magic LEMP your partner!

His strength?

You say problem... he says solution! The practical solution imagined by Raphaël-David and his team will shed a new light upon your own professional skills.

AI in a nutshell for him

Cutting-edge research and pedagogy.


Co-founder and researcher

PhD in combustion.

Former student of Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris-Saclay.

Former student of Ecole Centrale Supélec.

What Thomas can do for you...

His mission at Magic LEMP is to carry out the R&D projects, including in Natural Language Processing. Explain him your projects, he will know how to come up with a customized solution for you.

His strength?

Beyond a great curiosity and a flawless adaptability, graphical creativity and taste for design are some of Thomas's other professional assets. When AI and design go side by side...

AI in a nutshell for him

Transformation and progress.


Co-founder and R&D project leader

PhD in statistical physics.

Agrégée in physics.

Former student of Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris-Saclay.

What Marie can do for you...

Elle encadre et participe à la R&D du projet de reconnaissance optique de musique (parce que la musique, c’est son rayon !). Elle participe de près aux décisions stratégiques de Magic LEMP.

Her strength?

Reliable and pedagogical, she has a knack for presenting technical results to the clients.

Rather discrete but formidably efficient for project management, she knows how to lead a team in order to fully satisfy the client (you!).

AI in a nutshell for her

Potential and responsability.

Antonin PENON

Co-founder and chief technical officer

Former student of Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris-Saclay.

Numerical physics and data science background.

Engineer at Observatoire de Paris.

What Antonin can do for you...

Antonin is highly innovative for everything related to R&D.

If Machine Learning, Deep Learning, NLP, computer vision, audio processing, tabular data ring a bell for you, you can count on Antonin for these matters!

His strength?

Don't rely on Antonin's quiet nature... To sum up? Adaptability, perseverance, team work, thirst for learning, pragmatism, decision making and obviously strategy. What else?

AI in a nutshell for him

Learning and evolution.


Research Engineer in Deep Learning

Engineer from IMT Atlantique, specialized in data science.

What Matthieu can do for you...

His main assets are his knowledge and ability to understand what can be done in AI in research. Based on that, he builds exhaustive benchmarks and code AI systems that answer specific needs.

His strength?

Matthieu developed a passion for Artificial Intelligence as soon as he discovered this topic. Deep Learning has become one of his main focuses.

AI in a nutshell for him

Rationalizing tool.

Nathan BRAMI

Data scientist

Bachelor degree in computer science at Sorbonne Université.

Master's degree in data science at Université Paris-Saclay.

What Nathan can do for you...

He is involved in the construction of Deep Learning models in natural language processing, videos and audio, and participates in a research project in natural language understanding.

His strength?

Nathan brings his rigor to the work of his team.

AI in a nutshell for him

Algorithme adaptable à des solutions, lesquelles sont initialement insolvables par des algorithmes classiques.

Benjamin DE BRUYNE

Business analyst

Former student of Ecole Centrale Supélec.

PhD student in statistical physics in Université Paris-Saclay.

MBA Collège des Ingénieurs.

What Benjamin can do for you...

Benjamin is devoted to analyzing and developing growth opportunities in Quantum Machine Learning.

His strength?

Confortable in the relation with clients, Benjamin relies on his communication skills with partners.

AI in a nutshell for him

The potential of AI in companies to reach their full business value.


Machine Learning expert

Master's degree in computer science at Université Paris-Saclay.

What Victor can do for you...

His passion for Artificial Intelligence grew during his studies. He is the expert that will guide you during your projects in Machine Learning.

His strength?

Victor handles a sharp spirit of analysis and criticism while supporting the outreach of Artificial Intelligence. This flexibility of spirit probably comes from the rock, that he practises in his spare time!

AI in a nutshell for him

Imitation and automation.


Executive assistant and communication manager

Master's degree in book and edition (editorial engineering and communication).

What Hélène can do for you...

She gives Magic LEMP its visibility through the website and the social networks!

Her goal? Speak again and again of the ambitions and scientific missions that Magic LEMP bears.

You need to communicate with Magic LEMP? She will be your contact person!

Her strength?

Autonomous and attentive, she spots the strength of everybody in the team in order to communicate at best about their respective projects.

AI in a nutshell for her

Put words on the Artificial Intelligence technologies.


Research engineer in AI

Engineer degree.

What Antoine can do for you...

Antoine likes to grow his projects and takes care of the training of your neural networks.

Your next app or user interface will be his creations!

His strength?

Antoine likes pedagogy, especially during the discussion with the user. Learning to learn, but also learning to succeed are the keys of his scientific approach.

AI in a nutshell for him

Pedagogy and endless ideas!

Michaël PAULON

Research engineer

Former student of ENS Paris-Saclay.

System/network engineer at a telecom operator.

What Michael can do for you...

Key person, Michaël improves, maintains and develops the tools and infrastructure of the company.

His strength?

Michaël is above all a pedagogue that will help you understand, no matter what!

AI in a nutshell for him

Accessibility of Artificial Intelligence for everyone for daily matters.


Engineer apprentice

Student of Ecole Centrale Marseille

What Pierre can do for you...

He is Python and AI developer. He also explores Java development and deep learning in his free time.

His strength?

Pierre has a strong taste for organisation, team work and communication.

AI in a nutshell for him

Innovation and progress


Machine Learning engineer

PhD in theoretical nuclear physics.

Former student at the Bootcamp Machine Learning Engineer at Yotta Academy.

What Julien can do for you...

He handles projects involving Artificial Intelligence, from formulating the problem in a statistical learning context to the proof of concept and deployment of models (CICD, Cloud infrastructure).

His strength?

Autonomous and creative, Julien also strives in team work where he can exert his critical and open spirit to boost his projects.

His training at Yotta Academy triggered his passion for tech and data science.

AI in a nutshell for him

Decision making and real-time efficiency.


Machine Learning engineer apprentice

PhD in fluid mechanics and geoscience.

Currently following an AI engineer training at OpenClassrooms.

What Manon can do for you…

Manon takes part in the creation of artificial intelligence algorithms in our different projects. 

Her strength?

Manon, always eager to learn, chose to turn to artificial intelligence through a professional retraining. Persevering and curious, she loves teaching. 

AI in a nutshell for her

Open up new possibilities…